Philosophers’ Carnival #90

May 4, 2009

You are hiyo by the 90th installment of the Philosophers’ Carnival!  This edition of the Carnival is hosted here at the University of Michigan Graduate Student blog Go Grue!.

carnival-smallSince there’s no May JFP this year, you can spend your reading resources on these fine posts:

Booth 1: Wittgensteinian Investigations-Flavored Popcorn
In the first booth, we have a treat for the Wittgenstein lovers.  Adam See discusses Witty’s views on language in Wittgenstein on the Essence of Grammar (Adam See).

Booth 2: Lots of Talk about Universalism
The discussion at the next booth has been going for a while before we got there.  Fortunately, the wonders of the electronic carnival preserve the story.  To find out what all the fuss is about, check out A.P. Taylor’s A Quick Libertarian Argument for Universalism.  (Larry Navin responds to Taylor’s style here: Looking at syllogisms from both sides, now.)

(Projection) Booth 3: An X-Phi Video
Tired of reading? Well, experimental philosophy has a solution for you: watch this video blog post that illustrates a new experimental study based on an example from Aristotle at the Experimental Philosophy blog.  Unfortunately for your tired eyes, you’ll have to (and want to) read the comments.

Booth 4: A Throw Back to When Everything Made Sense
Next up, Kenny Pearce asks us to think about Locke’s and Berkeley’s account of common sense in Locke, Berkeley, and ‘Common Sense’.

Booth 5: Sing(er) Me a Song Mr. Ethicistman
The next booth contains another fine post by Terrance Tomkow entitled “The Good, The Bad and Peter Singer” where Tomkow discusses (i.e. rips into) Peter Singer’s new book and his long-standing views, all while being hovered over by a picture of Singer coddling some carrots.carnival2

Booth 6: Philosophy Short and Tweet
Over at TAR, Carrie Jenkins gives the results of the Philosophy Short and Tweet competition, where winners must argue their points in 140 characters or less.  Congrats to Go Grue!‘s very own Dustin Locke for bringing home the prize for Cryptic Minimalism.

(Meta)Booth 7: The Booth of Many Other Booths
In the next booth, they’re selling group blogs.  Recently, these are in high supply!  In case you’ve missed them, here’s a few new group blogs:

It’s Only A Theory (General Philosophy of Science)
Choice & Inference (Formal Epistemology and Decision Theory)
Matters of Substance (Metaphysics)

Booth 8: Formally Speaking, These Posts are Great
Speaking of Choice & Inference, there are many great discussions of Formal Epistemology there.  Some of those include Rachael Briggs discussing Causal Modeling and Counterfactuals and Jonah Schupbach discussing A Connection between Bayesian and Mainstream Epistemology. If formal epistemology is up your alley, don’t forget to join us at the Second Formal Epistemology Festival aka “2FEF” at the end of May.

Booth 9: Intensionality with ADHD
In the last booth, to serve as an exceptionally exciting send-off, over at Matters of Substance, Dan Nolan has a very interesting discussion of hyperintensionality: The Age of Hyperintensionality

That’s all for this edition of the Philosophers’ Carnival!

There were many good and some merely interesting submissions to the Carnival this time.  Not all of them made it here, but don’t fear: the next Philosophers’ Carnival will be hosted by sevenlayercake: a sweet philosophy blog.  Don’t forget to submit your exciting philosophy (and some boring philosophy, to keep it fresh) by May 25.

Posted on May 4, 2009 by Daniel J. Singer